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Amazing course. Beats every other game Institute/academy when it comes to delivering the actual experience of how it feels to work in the gaming industry. Perfect for complete beginners, be it an artist, a programmer, or a designer.

-Kaushik Verma

One of the best courses available online for game designers. Provides knowledge difficult to get on your own, and connects you with great people ready to help you anytime.

-Bunty Kumar Raj

This course provides invaluable collaboration and experience. Get to know people, share your work, and build together, all while learning from industry experts and design principles. Highly recommended for those starting off in game development!

-Ayush Bhardwas

Amazing, Clear and Concise, to the point course that will help anyone willing to enter and become a game designer

-Jayojyoti Roy

Great course. They know what people want and curate according to it. Full insight of game design industry 100 percent recommend it.

-Apoorv vaidya

The course is very engaging and the masterclasses help out a lot, even as a beginner it gives a guiding light to your game-making career. Would recommend it to anyone starting their game dev career.

-Harsh Singh

A great learning experience. Besides learning the process of game development with guidance from experienced mentors, I have learnt about the game industry itself. I can now confidently make my career path as a game developer.

-Anirudh Jannabhatla

Definitely worth it. I am so pleased with this course. Totally exceeded my expectations. I love the great amount of content and support you guys provide. Love the instructor, very clear and followable. They have put a lot of effort into this.

-Prabhash Ranjan

I heard about G2M on Instagram and was not sure about it, but after talking to so many people on the G2M Discord server and having my doubts personally solved by Rahul sir, I was sure that this is the perfect course to help me learn game design.p0

-Megh Menghani

Before joining the Gamer2Maker course, I was stuck and overwhelmed because I had hit what is known as the “gamedev iceberg”. Essentially, I realized that there’s more to game-making than being well-versed with a game engine. Fortunately, the G2M course has taught me that thoughtfully planning and scoping your game projects is really important before you get started with creating art assets or writing code . This has led to a mindset change and I’ve come to realize that apart from project-planning, collaboration plays a crucial role in your project’s success. Thus, you should focus on being a great communicator and letting go of your gamer ego so that you’re open to feedback. Having a mentor who’s an industry veteran such as Rahul who can guide you along the way is game-changing because it allows you to make mistakes faster, consolidate your learnings, and grow into a game designer that much faster! So far, I’ve been loving my experience in the community. It’s really cool that all of have similar interests and have each other’s backs. I made plenty of friends for life. If you want to grow into a successful game designer, Gamer2Maker is the place to be!

-Abhiram Reddy

The G2M Design and Production Course introduced me to the whole process of making a game from scratch. I met a bunch of cool people with different likes and dislikes of game genres and their perspectives on them, which helped to broaden my views on other games I don't play. As I learnt more about the concepts of game design, I started appreciating different genres of games which implement those concepts. I started thinking of the concept the designers must have thought of, while designing a certain mechanic, whenever I play a new game. As for the project, we learnt how to research for the genre we are planning to make the game, making a GDD before we actually start developing so that we can learn or improve on the mistakes that may have been made before. We also have a regular feedback session where we get to know feedback on our work and what we can improve in our workflow. So, the G2M is great for learning new things as well as building your portfolio with a nice team project.

-Pranav Deshmukh

The "G2M Design and Production Course" has been a blast. I love to code, and I always have had a fascination for video games. During my undergrad years, I ditched the dream of being a game developer. The primary reason was a dearth of guidance on where to begin and what distinct skill set one need to thrive in the industry. After graduation, I started working more passionately towards my goal, but the guidance was still missing. Enters the G2M course. It has been a revolution in the way I think about the process of game development. There were some eye-openers to keep my expectation in check and help me enhance the dexterities that I need to be better at what I do. Talking about the G2M process of "Learning game development by making games", you get the opportunity to build a game project in coalition with complete guidance. It has been a great experience to be a part of this community, and it's always great to talk to folks out there with different skill sets but all sharing the same fascination for video games. G2M, for me, has not just been a course; it's an experience that can help one become a better game developer.

-Aman Verma

The G2M Design and Production Course offers an in-depth knowledge of the process of making games with some of the crucial topics like creative strategy, scoping, concept document and Game Design document. Some of the best perks of this course includes the hands-on experience of working on a game project in a team and collaboratively work on that project. It also offers the community where you can freely ask your queries/doubts with other game makers or mentors to help you get going.

-Mudassir Khatri

As we are told, the only way to learn how to make games is to actually make them. The G2M Design and Production course is entirely built upon that philosophy. I have been an avid gamer for most of my life and wanted to become a game developer, but was mostly lost on where to begin. In this course, we were given the guidance we needed, and were put on the right track. Having a mentor guide you on each step of the game making process, and also having a team of like minded students work on a game with you is extremely helpful, and G2M delivers that perfectly.

-Sankalp Jajodia

True story....this made me from a heavy gamer to a game developer. Through this course it enabled me to go from a newbie who knows nothing about making games to a person who is now making mobiles games. The classes explained the pipeline and designing concepts very clearly and very easy to understand. I'd recommend this to everyone who know nothing and wanna learn game development because you can learn from the internet but what makes this course stand out is that this gives you a mentor so that you learn efficiently and guide you on the right path.

-Mayank Puri

The G2M Design and Production Course offers a unique learning experience that is hard to find through expensive online courses or college programs in India. Like other software developers working in the Traditional IT field, I was surprised to find out the stark differences in the overall process of developing a Game. The sheer no of roles and the collaboration between them, right from preplanning, design, development, and release are well covered in the course through practical measures all with an overarching focus on Game Design. Before, I was thinking being a Game developer is to have ready-made assets, a hint of a game idea, and knowledge about an engine. But it's much more than that. And with the G2M process, you get to develop a project in a team with guidance and help from the previous batches and industry experts. The community is pretty much what I expected, filled with coders, artists, and even better people hiring others. So that's one good platform to showcase your portfolio and get hired then and there. So G2M to me is "The one play place to enjoy games much more than just playing them"

-Fardeen Khan

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