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In G2M, we not only make gamers into makers, we cater to the gamer inside them as well! 

With events hosted every week such as Game Jams, Game Nights, Alumni Nights we help build a community of gamers and game devs alike to help and inspire each other.

Spartan Day '23 Memories

Hosted on 1st November, 2023; all our Spartans and Mentors met on this day and had an enjoyable afternoon. We had fun talks, shared experiences and even hosted a small award ceremony for the teams from Centaurus and Delta batches who made it through the rigorous year and made their dream of making a game into reality!!!

Learn to Make Video Games from the Best and Put Those Skills to the Test!

  • Make teams by interacting with fellow aspiring game devs in the G2M Discord and WhatsApp community.
  • Get unique themes on the day of the event.
  • You've only got a specified amount of time to work among yourselves and make a game meeting the conditions of the theme!
  • Win the Gamejam and get exciting prizes!!!

Get Inspired from Those Who Got Hired!

  • Join our Alumni Night sessions and know what it takes to get into the game dev industry.
  • Learn from the personal life experiences of our students who got placed into reputable game dev companies! 
  • Confused if game dev industry is the right fit for you? Interact live and find out for yourself!!!

Solo or Team, Hop on a Call, Meet People with Same Game Interests and Have Yourselves a Friendly Brawl!

  • Join the G2M Discord community and meet others with similar game interests.
  • Get on calls, interact, make teams.
  • Have friendly competitions in groups or solo and win exciting prizes!!!

Choose from a list of professionally curated programs and start learning today.

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