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What is Gamer2maker?

I'm Rahul Sehgal, a game-maker and also an instructor and game career mentor.

Making games is awesome; I've been doing it for the last 13 years, and have made been part of projects on PC, Console, Mobile and Browser. I've also been teaching at game colleges like Backstage Pass, VIT Bhopal and Srishti Bangalore since 2010.

I've taught, trained and mentored thousands of students who have gone on to work in game studios all over the world and also set up their own successful game studios. I'm the founder of Gamer2maker, an online game school where you will find everything you need to do what you've always dreamed of-make Video Games for a living.

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Officially Recognized by the Government of India

We are immensely proud to announce our collaboration with the esteemed Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC).

As a recognized initiative of the Indian Government, the MESC stands as a testament to excellence and credibility in the realm of media and entertainment. Our partnership allows us to offer not just education, but also tangible validation of the skills and knowledge our students acquire.

Every student who completes our course will be awarded a Diploma or certificate, carrying the weight of both our institution's reputation and the governmental seal of approval.

This ensures our graduates stand out in the competitive job market, equipped with credentials that attest to their competence and expertise in their respective fields.

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The "G2M Design and Production Course" has been a blast. I love to code, and I always have had a fascination for video games. During my undergrad years, I ditched the dream of being a game developer. The primary reason was a dearth of guidance on where to begin and what distinct skill set one need to thrive in the industry.

~Aman Verma

The G2M Design and Production Course offers an in-depth knowledge of the process of making games with some of the crucial topics like creative strategy, scoping, concept document and Game Design document. Some of the best perks of this course includes the hands-on experience of working on a game project in a team and collaboratively work on that project. It also offers the community where you can freely ask your queries/doubts with other game makers or mentors to help you get going.

~Mudassir Khatri

As we are told, the only way to learn how to make games is to actually make them. The G2M Design and Production course is entirely built upon that philosophy. I have been an avid gamer for most of my life and wanted to become a game developer, but was mostly lost on where to begin. In this course, we were given the guidance we needed, and were put on the right track. Having a mentor guide you on each step of the game making process, and also having a team of like minded students work on a game with you is extremely helpful, and G2M delivers that perfectly.

~Sankalp Jajodia

True story....this made me from a heavy gamer to a game developer. Through this course it enabled me to go from a newbie who knows nothing about making games to a person who is now making mobiles games. The classes explained the pipeline and designing concepts very clearly and very easy to understand. I'd recommend this to everyone who know nothing and wanna learn game development because you can learn from the internet but what makes this course stand out is that this gives you a mentor so that you learn efficiently and guide you on the right path.

~Mayank Puri

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