Student Games


Game Name: Tale Of Honor

Team Size: 6

Genre: Real-time Chess Puzzler

Platform: PC, Mobile

Release date: 2024

Tale of Honor, a Big Indie Pitch winner, is a stealth puzzle game that merges chess-like movement with real-time challenges. It's a world where strategy meets action, demanding careful planning, precise timing, and flawless execution. Visually appealing and satisfyingly complex, this game offers a unique, fun, and challenging experience that will captivate both puzzle enthusiasts and strategic minds alike.


Game Name: Supercharged

Team Size: 6

Genre: Action-adventure Platformer

Platform: PC

Release date: 2023

Supercharged is an action-adventure platform game where players navigate a vast world, dwarfing them in size. Using a special gun to create walls and platforms, players solve puzzles and overcome obstacles with strategic thinking and limited ammo. The game's unique wall gun mechanic adds creativity to exploration, with the ultimate goal of returning to reality. Supercharged offers a thrilling and innovative experience that captivates players.

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Game Name: Arise

Team Size: 5

Genre: 2D Top-down Roguelike

Platform: PC

Release date: 2022

ARISE is a captivating 2D top-down roguelike game, meticulously crafted by the talented students of the Origins batch at Gamer2Maker. Developed under the expert mentorship of Rahul Sehgal, this game showcases the fusion of creativity and technical skill. With its engaging gameplay and unique design, ARISE stands as a testament to the potential and innovation of the next generation of game developers

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Game Name: Mayu - Last of the Yaksha

Team Size: 10

Genre: Pixel Art Adventure

Platform: PC, Playstation

Release date: 2024

An exploration-driven adventure RPG set in Ancient India about a young demi-god and his animal sidekicks. Use your jungle detective skills to discover hidden paths, track down mysterious creatures, and find the secret temples of the Old Gods.

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