​Certification in Game Writing and Narrative Design

This masterclass explores storytelling in video games through Game Writing and Narrative Design. In Game Writing, you'll learn about developing and refining game stories, including aspects like plotting, pacing, and character development. In Narrative Design, you'll learn how to deliver engaging interactive experiences using various design techniques. The class is suitable for those interested in game development, storytelling, or professionals looking to explore the medium of video games.

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Pranav Deshmukh

Associate Software Engineer @ Longbow Games

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Mayank Puri

Junior Game Designer @ PlaySimple Games

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Sankalp Jajodia

Game Design Intern @ Nukebox Studios

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Certification in Game Writing and Narrative Design


Number of classes: 10

Total hours of content: 16

Class 1: Foundational Studies

  • History & Evolution of Storytelling
  • Mediums of Storytelling
  • Knowing Thyself

Class 2: Introduction to Storytelling

  • Anatomy of a Story
  • General Guidelines for Writing

Class 3: Introduction to Game Writing

  • Format of a Game Script
  • Challenges in Game Writing
  • Industry Outlook

Class 4: Introduction to Narrative Design

  • What is Narrative Design?
  • Aspects of Narrative Design
  • The 5 Pronged Approach

Class 5: Deep Dive - Tonal Design

  • Setting the Stage

Class 6: Deep Dive - Quest Design

  • Quest Loops
  • Cyclical 4 Act Mission Structure

Class 7: Deep Dive - Level Design

  • 3 Layers of Level Design
  • Tenets of Level Design

Class 8: Deep Dive - Gameplay Design

  • Player Mechanics to Further Immersion

Class 9: Deep Dive - Technical Design 1

  • In-Game Cinematography

Class 10: Deep Dive - Technical Design 2

  • AI Behavioural Design
  • World Systemic Design

The program is designed in a way that people who are pursuing full-time UG courses and even working professionals can participate fully and get the maximum benefit from this program.

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What our student say about us

I heard about G2M on Instagram and was not sure about it, but after talking to so many people on the G2M Discord server and having my doubts personally solved by Rahul sir, I was sure that this is the perfect course to help me learn game design.

Megh Menghani

Definitely worth it. I am so pleased with this course. Totally exceeded my expectations. I love the great amount of content and support you guys provide. Love the instructor, very clear and followable. They have put a lot of effort into this.

Prabhash Ranjan

A great learning experience. Besides learning the process of game development with guidance from experienced mentors, I have learnt about the game industry itself. I can now confidently make my career path as a game developer.

Anirudh Jannabhatla

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Your Mentor

Harish Chengaiah is a seasoned game developer and mentor with a rich history in the gaming industry. His journey began at the age of 14 and has since been dedicated to becoming the best game designer he can be. He is the Founder, Game Director, and Producer at Outlier Games, an independent game venture with a vision to create thought-provoking and emotionally resonant story-driven games. These games are deeply rooted in Indian ethos but are designed for a global audience.

Harish's passion extends beyond game development as he also gives lectures at colleges and virtual institutes, mentoring young talents who aspire to enter the game industry. He also consults with external organizations on Game Design & Production.

In addition to his role at Outlier Games, Harish is the Director of Business at Gamer2maker, where he heads Business Development & External Relations, facilitating strategic planning and partnerships to meet growth, sustainability, and market goals.

Harish's commitment to the gaming industry is evident in his work as a Video Games Policymaking Consultant, where he spearheaded India's first & largest video games industry representation on the proposed IT Rules related to Online Gaming.

As a mentor for this course, Harish brings a wealth of industry knowledge, practical experience, and a passion for game development that will undoubtedly benefit all students.

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