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Dive deep into the realm of 2D game animation with our specialized course focused on Spine – an industry-leading software designed for 2D animation in games. Whether you're an aspiring animator or a game developer looking to spruce up your projects, this course is tailored to enhance your skill set.

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Pranav Deshmukh

Associate Software Engineer @ Longbow Games

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Mayank Puri

Junior Game Designer @ PlaySimple Games

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Sankalp Jajodia

Game Design Intern @ Nukebox Studios

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Number of classes: 13

Total hours of content: 13

Class 1: Introduction to Spine Interface

  • Overview of Spine's layout and main panels.
  • Navigating through the interface efficiently.
  • Understanding the workspace and setting preferences.

Class 2: Importing from Photoshop & Alignment

  • Step-by-step guide on importing layers from Photoshop.
  • Aligning and organizing assets in Spine.
  • Managing resolutions and ensuring consistency.

Class 3: Mastering Spine Tools

  • Introduction to slots and how they function.
  • Understanding the purpose and usage of bones.
  • Mastering translate, rotate, and scale tools.

Class 4: Basic Rig Setup

  • Introduction to the concept of rigging.
  • Placing bones for optimal animation.
  • Connecting and parenting bones.

Class 5: Key Frame Animation

  • Setting up the timeline and keyframes.
  • Interpolation between keyframes.
  • Fine-tuning for smooth animations.

Class 6: Stretch and Squash Animation

  • Understanding the principles of stretch and squash.
  • Applying it to different animation scenarios.
  • Tips for maintaining volume and balance.

Class 7: Character Separation in Photoshop

  • Techniques for separating character parts.
  • Organizing layers for Spine import.
  • Ensuring clean edges and avoiding overlaps.

Class 8: Advanced Rigging Setup

  • Rigging for facial expressions and intricate movements.
  • IK (Inverse Kinematics) setups.
  • Weight painting for smooth deformations

Class 9: Character Animation

  • Creating a fluid walk cycle.
  • Crafting a dynamic jump animation.
  • Polishing and refining movements.

Class 10: Prop Constrain

  • Attaching props to characters.
  • Animating props with and without character interaction.
  • Ensuring consistent motion and balance.

Class 11: Importing Animations & Applying to Rig

  • Importing animation data into Spine.
  • Assigning animations to specific rigs.
  • Managing and organizing your animation library.

Class 12: Using Deforms

  • Introduction to deforms and their use cases.
  • Techniques for image sequence deforms.
  • Balancing deform strengths for realistic animations.

Class 13: Export Essentials

  • Exporting as movies for presentations.
  • Saving as JSON for game integration.
  • Creating image sequences for various platforms.

For beginners and seasoned animators. Learn the nuances of the Spine interface, master rigging techniques, animate characters with precision, and seamlessly export for various platforms. With hands-on activities and expert guidance, this course ensures you're equipped to bring dynamic animations to life in your games.

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What our student say about us

I heard about G2M on Instagram and was not sure about it, but after talking to so many people on the G2M Discord server and having my doubts personally solved by Rahul sir, I was sure that this is the perfect course to help me learn game design.

Megh Menghani

Definitely worth it. I am so pleased with this course. Totally exceeded my expectations. I love the great amount of content and support you guys provide. Love the instructor, very clear and followable. They have put a lot of effort into this.

Prabhash Ranjan

A great learning experience. Besides learning the process of game development with guidance from experienced mentors, I have learnt about the game industry itself. I can now confidently make my career path as a game developer.

Anirudh Jannabhatla

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Your Mentor

Naga Suman is a seasoned professional in the realm of game development and animation. With a rich profile on LinkedIn, Naga's experience spans across various facets of game design, production, and animation. His expertise in 2D animation, coupled with his deep understanding of game mechanics, makes him an invaluable mentor for this masterclass.

Naga's approach to teaching combines hands-on techniques with theoretical knowledge, ensuring students grasp the nuances of 2D animation effectively. His dedication to the craft and passion for sharing knowledge has empowered numerous students to excel in the gaming industry.

As the mentor for the '2D Animation Masterclass' at G2M, Naga brings a blend of industry insights and practical skills to the table. Students under his guidance are equipped with the tools and knowledge to create captivating 2D animations for games, enhancing their portfolios and career prospects

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