​GIT 101 Masterclass

Master version control with Gamer2Maker's Git 101 Masterclass Series. In this concise 8-class series, learn the essentials of Git, from core principles to practical implementation. Explore Git's architecture, initialize repositories, stage changes, master branching and merging, and resolve conflicts. Concluding with job search tips and advanced Git topics, this series is perfect for developers seeking to streamline their workflow and manage code efficiently

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Pranav Deshmukh

Associate Software Engineer @ Longbow Games

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Mayank Puri

Junior Game Designer @ PlaySimple Games

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Sankalp Jajodia

Game Design Intern @ Nukebox Studios

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Git 101 Masterclass


Number of classes: 8

Total hours of content: 8

Class 1: Introduction to Git and Version Control:

  • Core principles and benefits of version control
  • Inner workings of Git's decentralized architecture
  • Practical implementation of Git in software development

Class 2: Setup for Credentials and Initialization

  • Setting up Git credentials (username and email)
  • Initializing a Git repository for your project

Class 3: Stages and Snapshots

  • Staging changes in Git
  • Creating snapshots of code through commits

Class 4: Practical Implementation of Commit and Cloning 

  • Implementing the commit function in Git
  • Introduction and practical usage of cloning

Class 5: Mastering Git Branching & Merging

  • Understanding Git branching, merging, and resolving conflicts
  • Usage of Git log to track branch history

Class 6: Conflict Resolution: Strategies and Best Practices

  • Identifying and analyzing conflicts in Git
  • Utilizing Git commands for conflict resolution
  • Understanding different conflict resolution strategies

Class 7: Branching, Merging and Resolving Conflict

  • Practical demonstration of branching, merging and conflict resolution

Class 8: F2P Game Breakdown

  • Course summary and review
  • Tips for improving GitHub account for better job search opportunities
  • Introduction to advanced Git topics

Perfect for developers and enthusiasts looking to master version control. With expert guidance and hands-on exercises, you'll be ready to streamline your projects and collaborations using the powerful capabilities of Git.

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What our student say about us

I heard about G2M on Instagram and was not sure about it, but after talking to so many people on the G2M Discord server and having my doubts personally solved by Rahul sir, I was sure that this is the perfect course to help me learn game design.

Megh Menghani

Definitely worth it. I am so pleased with this course. Totally exceeded my expectations. I love the great amount of content and support you guys provide. Love the instructor, very clear and followable. They have put a lot of effort into this.

Prabhash Ranjan

A great learning experience. Besides learning the process of game development with guidance from experienced mentors, I have learnt about the game industry itself. I can now confidently make my career path as a game developer.

Anirudh Jannabhatla

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Your Mentor

Amitesh Tripathi is a Data Analytics Engineering Master's graduate from Northeastern University with a strong foundation in computer science. He has expertise in Python, R, MATLAB, Java, and data analysis tools like Tableau and Power BI.

Amitesh's professional experience includes implementing chatbot automation at Capgemini and creating a predictive model at Aasmo Digital Pvt. Ltd. His projects range from text summarization to stock sentiment analysis and ad-click prediction.

As the instructor for the 'GIT 101 Masterclass' at G2M, Amitesh brings his blend of academic knowledge and industry experience to the course. His commitment to continuous learning and real-world application of data analytics skills makes him an invaluable mentor for G2M students. His expertise ensures a rich and impactful learning experience.

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